Lola Daels °1990, Brussel (BE).

+32 485 52 61 04


My artistic practice consists mainly of installation, sculpture and drawing.

My work develops out of an almost neurotic search for the invisible order of things and manifests itself in installations in which objects and materials are combined into new compositions. Through transformation, reproduction and de-contextualisation I change/re-create these objects that afterwards get carefully combined in well-considered sculptural and spatial compositions. By bringing together random elements I tend to reveal hidden relations and investigates invisible realities of an object, a context or a space. Sculpturally, I look for common ground between objects themselves and between the intervention and the context. The space surrounding becomes part of the work. The boundary between public and private and the de-contextualisation of objects is a recurring element and plays an important role in my work since several years.This arose from the idea that the surrounding context of a work implies (and contributes) to the the meaning of this work. Details from urbanity such as a curb, a window-sill, a door, all kind of cabins, holes in the floor and so on.. are all elements balancing on the border between private and public and reoccur in in my oeuvre. By allowing these elements to penetrate into a exhibition space, or vice versa, to transfer them to public space I am seeking the balance between objects presented in the museum and art exposed in the street.

Besides my own practice, I am a founding member of chépas collective, a interdisciplinary collective balancing between art, architecture and urbanism. It was founded trough a shared fascination with the margins of urbanism. Daily confrontations with urban failure and microcosms inside the macrocosms of the city brings us to colorful urban interventions, which tend to draw attention to disused spaces or trigger citizens to reflect on the space they’re using.