crossing streets to reach islands

Teheran is an example of the modern metropolis. Built in mass, for mass movement and mass consumption, the city has outgrown the human scale both in size and velocity. Experiencing the city on the speed of the pedestrian, we position ourselves in this fast moving metabolism as a lost creature that has to squeeze its way in the heavy loaded space in which it is living.

Video 1: Crossing streets

To reach most squares in central Tehran, one must cross a 4 or 5 lane road without any protection of traffic lights or pedestrian crossing. Crossing streets happens on intuition in Teheran. To succeed you have to enter the continuous flow of movement and find your way through it. During this performance, we establish the absurdness of this situating by crossing streets in order to reach the islands of Imam Khomeini, Baharestan, Ferdowsi and Felestin square. The movement of the crossing is observed as a dance, in which the individual tries to make its way through the overwhelming entity.

Video 2: spending 16 minutes on the island

While being marked as public square, the felestin square is nothing more than a roundabout. Designed as such, it isn’t provided to spend time. During this performance, the artist spends 16 minutes on the Felestin square, while watching the surrounding traffic passing by.


Video 3: Crossing the street over and over

The Imam Khomeini square is located where once the Maydan used to be. The main square of the city of Teheran seems to have lost his glory. Shaded by the telecommunication building and isolated through traffic it’s now a dead zone in the middle of a vibrant city, the eye in a storm. During this performance the artist goes back an forth to the island, crossing the heavy traffic surrounding it. Every time he has to find a new way to reach the island, avoiding the fast moving cars and motorcycles.


teheran, iran