Kula Kollektiv

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From left to right: Laura Winderickx, Dorien Bruyeer, Sarah Van Dael, Evelyn Simons, Laura Van Haecke, (naar onder) Lola Daels, Roxanne Sarkozi, Anouk Fortunier, (naar onder) Polien Boon, Karen Ardila Olmos, Mayke Annemans.


A collective of eleven young artists who live and work in Brussels. Eleven women with different talents, styles, ideas and visions. All artists, but each in its own personal way, using other media, techniques and themes.They present themselves as a group in order to support and endorse each other. Their studio -small, chaotic but cozy- is a place where they share, brainstorm and discuss ideas. A place where everyone can work apart, but where they can also collaborate on projects.