the ladder

The public space of Teheran is filled with add-on objects to define the behavior of its users. Most of them are to block certain users to use certain spaces. While exploring the sculptural influence of these objects on their environments, we created our own sculptures in order to generate a new influence for the users of Teherans’ public space. By adding our sculptures in the public space, we want to create more space by making certain spaces accessible. Therefore our sculptures have the shape of a ladder. These ladders give a suggestion on how to use space.

Cabins can be used to stand on, walls can be climbed, frontiers can be passed.

Because climbing electricity cabins is a political subject in Teheran, it could be harmful to show pictures of the interventions during the exhibition. Therefore we chose to self-censor our photos by overexposing the prints and blacken them out during development of the prints.


teheran, iran