Le Vrai Fake

Year: 2018

Material:  Wood, resin

Le Vrai Fake consists of a lapidarium of fake stones. These stones are all copies of a stone I found in the mountains of Morocco. While seeking to reveal the history of the original, I realized the actual history doesn’t matter. As its origins were unlikely to be important from an archeological point of view, I tended to create a new, fictional reality for the stone. The worthlessness was confirmed through various results from multiple archaeologists who examined the stone, stating it merely consists of clay that was petrified through the heat of the sun.


Therefore, I decided to copy my stone using different techniques and values. By presenting them in a series, containing both the copies as the original, I tended to question the role of authenticity. While some of the copies being worth more than the original, the value of the authentic was lost. Its origins didn’t count anymore and among its copies it received a new identity.