7 months I stayed in Lisbon were  I worked as an assistant for the Portuguese artist Ana Santos. I helped her in building up her exhibition at the gallery Quadrado Do Azul (May 2015).


And I enjoyed Lisbon every day. It’s a beautiful city and I constantly got triggered by life over there, confronted with new and other images, such as the Portuguese customs, their kitchen, the climate, the crisis, the language, going-out,...

I rented a room in the house of a Portuguese family. The family of Senhor Mamé and A Dona Ana and her two children Laurinha and Manel.

A Portugues experience. I went there, temporary and as a foreigner doing ‘interventions’. Leaving my mark, my memories, my admiration, my wonder in the streets.




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"Being a form of art that doesn’t claim for recognition […] and that wants to communicate in a radical diverse, socially active way, to contrast the standardized forms of urbanism with signs of impertinence telling a story that is linked to personal and local experiences, […] urban creativity might, in the end, be a kind of cure to individualism"


- Ruggiero C. 2013 

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