My favele bed.

The place I live and know

Year: 2013

Material:  ink on paper and text. 

Drawing 73x55 and text as wall drawing

Building an amity is like building a house. If you want to succeed, there are rules.


1. You need a door which you can open and close whenever you feel like

2. If it’s raining outside, make the facade dry again

3. Make the inner construction steady from the beginning on, to make sure you will not get the roof on your head

4. Be aware that there are soft pillows but also sharp corners

5. Sometimes it can be too busy, sometimes too calm  

6. Look for a good isolation so you keep the warmth inside and everything stays breezy

7. Protection works in both directions

8. If you break something, clean it up, nobody likes a mess

9. Do not hurry, building takes time 

10. Take care of this, it can work a lifetime-long.