Parisian square

Year: 2018

Material:  found objects

In Parisian Square a grid was made with squared objects that were found in a radius of 1 km from my work and living space in Paris (Cité internationale des arts). All squares were assembled together in one large grid, monitored and controlled.

I grant myself a piece of public space by extracting material from it. Seemingly worthless materials such as stone, glass, waste, tiles ... get value in their composition. The everyday found objects are alienated by their new context. They feel strange and extraordinary. They enter into dialogue with each other, were the floor becomes the background image, the space becomes the work. An abstract city.

I later used these grids for a series of drawings ‘still lifes’. With these I want to talk about the imposed minimalism. Drawings and paintings seem to lose in value. The minimal and conceptual remains intact. What if I reverse orders? And after working conceptual, transforming it to figurative drawings? Can the figurative then persist/ retain?