Meer weergeven

Kanal plastiek

The crocodile hides in the water on the shore of the river, waiting for a snack. His prey knows nothing, but man knows that it should avoid waters where these dangerous animals have its habitat. The crocodile is the symbol of an invisible, threatening danger in places where man knows it could be dangerous. The border of Brussels and Molenbeek is such a place. Hidden beneath the street there is a footpath along the banks of the canal.This path is only accessible through a few places by a very steep staircase. It is a place occupied only by them who don’t want to be seen by the eyes of the city, them who have secrets and them who are scared.It is a kind of visible but unseen underworld in Brussels. By freeing plastic crocodiles in the water of this canal, we make a direct link with the alligator swamps as we can find in the United States of America. We use this metaphor to show how unreachable this area is, how this place is being experienced by its inhabitants and by the people from its surrounding city. But our crocodiles aren’t real, they’re plastic toys. They draw the attention of passing-by children and make their parents see that the canal is also a place where life is possible. There aren’t real threats hidden under this surface.

Location: Brussels

year: 2015