Please don't touch

Year: 2017

Material:  steel

The Installation Please don't touch consists of 5 elements and reflects on the elitist attitude of the museum. Next to art, we also find signaling elements in the museum to protect the works themselves. By restraining the visitor's behavior, the museum underestimates the assets of its public.

The work fits within a research in which the artist explores the relationship between art presented in an institutional context and in the public space. The 5 elements are not exact replicas of the "don't touch" elements as we find them in museums, but are an ironic rework. They are rhythmically aligned, like musical notes that respond to each other.

By placing an object or data from daily life in the context of a museum, art and life are brought closer together and that makes it possible to make people think about the world in which they live. (Doctoral thesis Hans Haacke van R Jongerius - ‎2006)