Year: 2018

Material: Plaster, acrylic

In my very recent work I question the concept of authenticity in a globalizing society. Through making copies, revaluating worthless objects, decontextualizing fragments or assembling different objects

I want to reveal the story behind what I find in my environment, and create a new fiction around them. The objects with which I work with, talk about the role of an individual and his search towards identity and nostalgia. I am interested in the conflict between local and global, which is visible in different layers throughout society.

The Disneyfication of city centers to assure the protection of heritage on the larger scale or palm-tree-posters in night shops on

a much smaller scale, are both examples of attempts to hold on to a reference. However, both are relics from a different era or place, shaping the globalization

of the present context. While all these fragments are pieces of the puzzle shaping our cities, a sense of placelesness occurs, detaching our modern living environments from its context. What is supposed to
be authentic has now become a forced attempt, and therefore a ‘fake’. In a way you could state we have lost authenticity in our struggle for identity.